Valve Monitoring Indicator

Сигнализаторы положения

Unique, symmetrically designed targets are mounted inside the valve position carrier. The targets are factory pre-aligned for Bray products. No cams or set screws are required and time consuming field adjustment is eliminated. Standard targets are Stainless Steel and nonmagnetic. The sensors will not attract and be falsely tripped by loose metal objects. Magnetic targets are used for BUS network sensors. Standard non-adjustable targets are preset at 90 0 travel.



Model: LSB 100
LSB 300 - explosion-proof
LSB 500 – chemical-proof
Body material: Corrosion-proof coated aluminium (standart)
Stainless Steel (option)
Switches (sensors): 2 SPDT (16A 250 V AC / 0,3A 250V DC) (standart)
4 SPDT (16A 250 V AC / 0,3A 250V DC)
1 DPDT (5A 250 V AC / 0,25A 250V DC)
inductive NPN (PNP) (10...30 V DC)
аnalod 4…20мА (0...1 kOм)
Enclosure : Ex d IIC T6 Zone 1,2 (for ITS 300)
Flameproof / explosion-proof enclosure: IP67 (IP68 - option)
Temperature range: -20...+80 С (standart)
- 40...+100 С (option)
Mounting: NAMUR mounting shaft or fork lever shaft adjustable for a non-NAMUR pneumatic actuator
Electrical connection: 2 cable entries PG13,5