Check Valves Check Rite. DN 25…1500. PN 10/16/25/40

Compare the Check Rite to typical full-sized swing check valves. Due in part to their oversized, heavier discs, these valves only fully open at an average flow rate of 11 ft/s. When activated at a lower flow rate, these valves loose true controllability and do not fully open. A partially open disc creates an obstruction that produces a higher pressure drop and fluttering of the valve disc – disturbing the flow and increasing the chance of water hammer.
Check Rite is Rite Sized to eliminate these problems. It has been engineered to accelerate line media through the valve and achieve a virtually unobstructed full opening in low pressure. Rite Sized, combined with the limited movement of internal parts during operation, reduces wear – enhancing the long service life of a Check Rite valve.

Pumping costs have been often overlooked but are now gaining in importance due to the increasing cost of energy. With Check Rite’s long service life, its cost is actually insignificant to the end user
compared to the energy lost pumping the fluid through the valve. Below is a comparison between different valve styles, assuming all valves are 100% open.



Version: Serie Check-Rite - wafer
Diameter nominal-metric DN, mm: 25…1500
Pressure nominal PN, Bar: 10/16/25/40
Body material*: Coated Ductile Iron
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Material valve disk: Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Seat: EPDM (-40...+121 C)
Buna-N (NBR) (-18...+100 C)
FKM (Viton) (-18...+204 C)
PTFE (-20...+200 C)METAL-TO-METAL SEATS (-20...+400 C)
Accessories: External Spring, eyebolt, External Position Indicator, Hydraulic Damper.

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